The Company

NUROMUSIC specialises in the production and marketing of both national and international newcomers and artists of various genres. The music catalogue ranges from rock, pop and hiphop to electronic/chillout and ethnic, to latin, jazz and classical music.

The primary aim is to discover and promote young talents as well as to retain established authors to the publisher in order to use the music to full capacity on all medial channels.

The frontline business of NUROMUSIC consists of traditional label and publishing work as well as personal management. Furthermore NUROMUSIC offers services in the field of marketing and promotion for partners and external clients.

The music publisher nuropublishing which is linked to the label acts as intermediary between those who create music (composers and writers) and those who bring music to market (labels, managements, advertising agencies and film producers).

There is nothing that creates such a strong emotional commitment among customers as music does. That’s why nuromusic created the “brand partnership” division. This branch develops marketing concepts for the cooperation between artists and businesses resulting in customised exclusive products as well as the development of new digital supplies especially in the field of mobile technology (NUROMOBILE). The goal of this cooperation is to set up a Win-Win situation for both the artist and the company.