Every artist is unique

Our management works distinctively to successfully place artists on the market. We deal with any kind of organisational, contentual and economical processes and involve the artist with all of them. The artist management develops the best possible strategy in accord with him and his demands. This integration and transparency creates a confiding partnership which is the root of the cooperation.





The all-rounder Gregor Hübner is on familiar terms both with classical and jazz music. He studied violin at the Vienna Conservatoire as well as jazz-piano in New York. His album Round about Federica Mompou was nominated for the Grammy award in the category best latin-jazz album in 2002. He has lived in New York for a few years now and plays with the best in the New York jazz scene.




Die Stimme von Blank & Jones

Mit Tracks wie The Nightfly war Rachele jahrelang die Stimme von Blank & Jones. Jetzt startet sie mit ihrem neuen House-Projekt durch. Hierzu greift das Model einfach in ihren DJ-Pool und sorgt mit coolen Beats und einer grandiosen Stimme für ausgelassene Stimmung, z. B. bei der legendären Veranstaltung "In Bed with Space".