Roy Louis & Band

Jazz, Rhytmen & Blues

Despite the smooth-like orientation and all the changes throughout the last decade influencing the Sound of Jazz, the hot sampled drumbeats and the incredible bent of bassline loops of the 60’ and 70’ Soul Music, this newly formed “ROY LOUIS BAND” in association with his brother Elmer Louis, is now more than ever becoming the leader’s musical signature.


Pre-dating fusion’s onslaught, the fresh new approach of this rhythm section, becomes the band staple not just for its infectious South American/Caribbean grooves and melodic lines, but because of its ingenious harmonic structure that lays out an open field for the soloists and let the listener know exactly where the song is leading to. The manifestation of the “ROY LOUIS BAND” literally explodes with energy, spontaneity and sheer variety of timbres. Roy Louis’s compositions, the use of harmonies and world rhythms are astounding. This Band is an arrangemental tour-de-force, a smorgasbord for the ears. They will take you through a mesmerizing experience!



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Roy Louis - Guitars

Ulf Stricker - Drums

Agnes Petkute - Bass

Bruno Böhmer - Piano and Keyboards

Elmer Louis - Percussion

Maxim Begun - Saxophones and EWI